April 9, 2021

4 Ways to Host the Perfect Virtual Game Night at BRiX

Virtual gamenight

Has a virtual game night ever crossed your mind? It’s an excellent way to curb the craving of seeing your friends! Now more than ever, it’s easy and exciting to plan a virtual game night at BRiX! Read on to see how to plan your next virtual game night with us.

Choose a Virtual-Friendly Game

The first step is to settle on a game that can be played over Zoom or another virtual video platform! These games can include Pop Culture Trivia, Bingo, Pictionary, or anything that doesn’t include a physical board or a shared card deck. This way, if you have a large family or friend group – everyone across the world can play. Plan to take turns being the reader, and have a strategy for answering questions in turn. Or if there are enough people in your home, try organizing an online game like League of Legends. You may find more info regarding the best champions and many other things on mobachampion.com. Luckily, with most video call apps, you can mute users and have them raise their hands when they want to speak. That way, everyone gets a turn to enjoy the competitive spirit! If you enjoy betting or other similar games, you could have a night of casino games. You could search for the best betting apps on sports betting indiana or any place you prefer. Once you’ve found an app you like, check what all sports you can bet on. You may also have to choose a deposit method for funding your betting app. Once all of this is done, just make sure you know which e-wallets do casinos accept so you can keep your money safe and have a good time.

Book the Theatre Room

At BRiX, we are fortunate to provide a games room and cinema to all of our residents for booking! It is appropriately sanitized between uses and can accommodate a group of people comfortably. When planning your next virtual game night at BRiX, make sure to call or text us ahead of time to reserve the room – then alert your friends. The large screen will allow you space and privacy to hold an incredible virtual game night, especially if you are the lead planner. Our game room will provide you with the opportunity to see all of your friends and family enjoying themselves on the big screen because of your idea! The cinema-style room is perfect for the variety of games you are looking to play.

Bring Snacks

What’s a game night without delicious snacks? Unacceptable! You mustn’t forget the ideal game night snacks! Chips, dip, chocolate, candy and the works. You can even order great takeout from one of our excellent local restaurants conveniently within walking distance from our BRiX building! The best part is that everyone will be eating different things in the comfort of their own homes, so there will be no arguing about where to order from. We’re all aware that it can cause the start of the game night to be delayed. However, bringing snacks, such as jelly candies (https://serp.co/best/jelly-fruit/), can always boost the amount of fun you’ll have at the party.

Award Prizes

At the end of your virtual game night, what’s better than winning a prize? The excitement will only further grow with the idea of a gift for the winner! Get into the competitive spirit with a gift card, a dinner delivery, or a cash prize. If the cash prize sounds appealing to you, each individual can throw in five dollars at the beginning of the night, and the winner wins the total amount! The more friends involved – the bigger the cash prize. Sounds enticing, right?

Does your own private game room sound good to you? Don’t hesitate to call or text us at 514 800-2558 to book your tour today! We even offer virtual visits. Don’t forget to visit brixmtl.com for more info about all the fantastic value we provide and the unique community life we offer!

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