July 15, 2019

“Pure abstract and aesthetic sensation” -Peter Glassford about his artwork Verde Orgánica II

When you come home to BRiX, an imposing original artwork welcomes you in the lobby. Twenty-two feet in height, Peter Glassford’s Verde Orgánica II dominates the space. The art mural’s integration to the architecture of the building is harmonious and announces the out-of-the-ordinary nature of your new home through the warmth of the various wood essences — rosa morada and parota wood — the complexity of the composition, and the surprising use of colour.

Here’s how the artist describes his work: “Red and blue ARE the two light sources from our SUN that plants absorb, and they become GREEN; the colour which best signifies vitality and nature.”

Glassford has created a study of the colour green, the most tranquil of colours – using random and accidental compositions of scrap wood repurposed from a furniture factory.

Cynthia Sbarra, art curator at BRiX, sat down with Mr. Glassford to find out more about his piece.

What is the history behind this artwork? When did you start this project?
I started in October 2018. I worked with an assistant. Each panel is its own composition and all the wood is repurposed wood.

What was your inspiration?
I come from the furniture business in Guadalajara, Laguna. I was inspired by producing something that did not resemble any particular picture or form. I was also inspired by colour theory on green, as well as the dualities in nature, which is uncontrollable and unpredictable.

How much time did this work take to complete?
Over 1000 hours—at least! — working with Carlos Rodriguez, my assistant. The work was put together outside the studio because it was so big.

How has your initial vision changed/evolved as you worked on this artwork?
The original drawing sent to the BRiX project manager was completely different than what was made due to the random nature of the pieces.

Did you face any challenges while you worked on this?
There were many challenges. The piece is about 2000 lbs. We had to assemble it, disassemble it, ship it to BRiX, and reassemble it in one day… we even lost a panel during shipping!

An artwork created to last, Verde Orgánica II will welcome all Brixters every time they come home. We thank Peter Glassford for bringing this vision to life and sharing it with us!

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