October 16, 2020

Apply These 5 Pro Techniques To Make Moving with Pets Stress-Free

déménager avec des animaux

Congratulations! You’ve sold your house to a We Buy Homes in Lafayette LA company or someone similar and you’ve signed a new lease. Any day now you’ll be moving into your new home! It’s all very exciting, but moving isn’t always this easy. Moving can be stressful as it is, but it can be even more stressful when you’re moving with pets. At BRiX, our mission is to make our tenants’ move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Since BRiX is a pet-friendly building (with a dog run!), we’ve had our fair share of experience dealing with tenants moving with pets. So, we’d like to share some of the tips we’ve learned so you and your pet will be happy and settled into your new place in no time!

Before Moving with Pets Prepare Pet Essentials

Unpacking often takes time, and it’s not fun when you’re scrambling to find essentials. Instead, prepare an easily-accessible kit that’s separate from all the moving boxes. You can include enough dog/cat food, kitty litter, toys, grooming tools, and even CBD oil supplements like creams and capsules (if you happen to use them) to keep your pet happy and comfortable while you unpack. We like to prepare for 3-5 days depending on how fast we are!

Pack Over Time

Don’t pull an all-nighter and pack everything at once. Aim to pack over a more extended period so when you move with your pets they don’t undergo a drastic change. If you are moving with pet cats, bring out their carriers a few weeks before the move and put their favourite treats and toys inside so they can get used to it before the big day.

Give Your Pet a Quiet Space

The best way to reduce stress on your pet is by keeping them in the quietest space possible during the move itself. The house is going to be full of removal men like the ones from this movers Mississauga company, and there will be lots of noise and new smells. If you can, it’s helpful to leave them with a friend for the day, but if you can’t, try to keep them in an empty bedroom or on another floor until the chaos subsides (that means until the movers are gone or the last box is loaded in the car!) Don’t forget to give them food, water, and litter and check on them regularly! Pro Tip: Try to feed or walk your pets at the same time you usually would because a sense of routine helps reduce stress.

Update Your Address

If your pet is microchipped, then contact your vet to update your contact information in the database. You should also hit up the pet store and make new identification tags with your new address. It’s also a great idea to keep some recent pictures handy on your phone or in your wallet if they get lost in the new area.

When Moving with Pets Give them Time to Adjust

Try to keep your cat indoors for a week. If you let them out in your new place immediately, they might get lost or try to find their old home. Once you do let them out, it’s a good idea to take them on a leash around the new neighbourhood and let them explore their new territory. For dogs, you should also give them time to explore on a leash and always show them how to get home. Also, make sure their new identification tags are secured to their collar! If they become uneasy in their new surroundings, you may want to consider getting the best organic cbd oil for dogs to help them relax.

There’s no reason to overcomplicate the move when moving with pets as long as you have a proper plan in place! We hope these tips help you and your furry friends arrive safe and sound in your new home. If you’re in the market for a pet-friendly, affordable place with tons of amenities that you and your pets will love, then contact BRiX

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