October 30, 2020

Montreal Apartments for Rent: A Guide to our Amenities at BRiX

Montreal Apartments for rent

Did you know 84% of people looking for Montreal apartments to rent want an on-site gym, while 78% desire extra storage and 70% look for free Wi-Fi? When it comes to in-unit amenities, most renters prefer a washer and dryer, modern appliances, and a balcony or patio space. Of course, BRiX has it all! But not only do we include the most desired amenities in your rent, but we also go above and beyond. Let’s look at all our community amenities or, as we like to call them, our (un)common spaces!

Living Room

Our building isn’t just about renting an apartment in Montreal. It’s about feeling at home! That’s why we’ve included a cozy living room to act as an extension of your apartment. We encourage our tenants to get their slippers on, get comfy watching a show, work on a laptop, or share some delicious take-out. You can take naps on couches that are so comfortable that they can rival the ones mentioned in the best sofa guide on Sleepify or similar sites. Our living room also includes a library where you can pick a book and curl up by the fireplace. When it’s nice outside, you can even read in our courtyard (your backyard) since the living room extends outside.


What Montreal apartment offers you a bit of nature in the city? BRiX, of course! This green space will fill your senses with its hammocks and lawn games! Fancy a game of giant chess? We’ve got you covered! Our courtyard will change with the seasons, but it’s always a place to enjoy nature.


Since working from home is becoming more popular, it’s essential to consider the workspace when you’re looking to rent an apartment in Montreal. Luckily, BRiX is fully equipped with a coworking space that’s perfect for hashing out ideas or getting down to business. Our conference room is a multi-purpose workspace, equipped with a whiteboard, printer, and a conference call system so you can collaborate or work independently and get your work done efficiently. And, if by any chance you require a few other office items to set up your co-working space, you can look into office monster or similar websites for workspace commodities.

Cinema & Game Room

Not only can you get cozy in our living room, but you can stay entertained for hours in our Cinema & Game Room! Catch some Saturday morning cartoons, play some old school Pac Man, or grab a board game! You can also watch your favourite films on our giant screen with big sound – similar to a dolby atmos soundbar experience; play some pool or ping pong on our tables; or read even more books from this library. It’s the place to chill – or bring out your competitive spirit. Now which other apartment for rent in Montreal has something so cool?


Yup, there’s a courtyard, but there’s also a terrace complete with an in-ground pool, fire pit, and BBQ. Our tenants love to splash around, soak up the sun, and fire up the BBQ on our 8th-floor rooftop oasis. Sunsets over Montreal never looked so good!

Sky Lounge

Take it up a notch when you rent an apartment at BRiX with our 17th-floor sky lounge! Our lounge comes with a fully equipped kitchen and another terrace. It’s the perfect place to sip cocktails and host divine dinner parties with a breathtaking view. Our sleek kitchen is wired for sound and video to create the ideal atmosphere for a night with friends. It’s also where we host special tenant events like community cooking classes or paint nights!


Sure, several Montreal apartments for rent include a gym, but did you know BRiX features the city’s largest residential gym? That’s right! It’s the perfect place to work out even while social distancing because there’s plenty of space, and our hardworking staff makes sure everything is clean and sanitized. You’ll find a variety of machines to keep you in shape as well as a yoga studio where we even often semi-private pilates classes, and once you’re done, you can top off your session in the sauna!

Bicycle Parking

BRiX scores 100% when it comes to bike score, and Montreal is ranked one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities! So it’s no surprise that many of our tenants looking to rent an apartment in Montreal were avid bikers. It’s why we made sure to include indoor street-level bike parking that’s designed to be extra safe and secure! You’ll find state of the art bicycle racks and a tune-up station equipped with tools. No stairs, no hassle, you’re good to go!

Most Montreal apartments don’t include half the amenities we’ve listed here, and the ones that do often charge an arm and leg. Fortunately, BRiX caters to a wide range of budgets, and our apartments start as low as $1300 a month! Not only does your rent give you access to our incredible amenities, but it also includes Wi-Fi, heating & air conditioning, electricity, hot water, a fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher! So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and join the BRiX family!

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