February 18, 2021

4 Things to Look For in a Downtown Apartment in Montreal

downtown apartment

Thinking about moving to a downtown apartment in Montreal? Do you have no idea where to start? We’re here to help! At BRiX, we’re experts in what to look for in a downtown apartment – especially when you’re just beginning your search! You may think the cost of living in a big city is out of your budget, but now is an excellent time to scoop up a place in your dream downtown location! Not knowing where to begin can hinder your move – luckily, BRiX has everything you may need and more, so you won’t have to look too far.

What’s Your Preferred Location?

One of the first things to look for is your ideal location. This will include proximity to work, transit stops, local grocery stores, and restaurants. One of the benefits of living downtown is the ability to forego the need for a car! You can opt for a location that is within walking distance from your daily stops. However, if a vehicle is necessary, you should also look for a place close to highways to cut down on your commute!

What’s more, when choosing a neighbourhood, you should consider traffic and noise levels. Do you want to be in the heart of the action, or are you okay with being a few blocks away? Doing your research on various neighbourhoods in Montreal will help you decipher where you can see yourself living! BRiX is located in a convenient and central historic downtown location. You’ll get a peaceful living environment right in the heart of Montreal, just steps from Les Quartier des Spectacles, China Town, and the St. Lawrence River.

Does Your Downtown Apartment Have a Fair Rate?

Right now is the best time to rent in a large city such as Montreal! With rental rates going down, you will get more for your money than a year ago. When you’re looking for apartment leasing for an apartment downtown, you want to know ahead of time – how long you plan to live there, your budget, and your prospective move-in date. This will allow you to negotiate the best rate for your future apartment. If you are willing to stay long-term and sign a longer lease, you may receive a better rate! Research rental rates with similar square footage in the neighbourhood to see what is reasonable and fair. At BRiX, we pride ourselves on having competitive rates with a variety of options.

What’s the Square Footage of your Montreal Apartment?

When looking for an apartment in a bustling downtown neighbourhood, you may notice the square footage can be significantly smaller than a space in a suburban area. Fortunately, at BRiX, we have various apartment sizes, both furnished and unfurnished, to accommodate your needs! Whether you are working from home, own a pet, or just have a large amount of furniture – our apartments are made for living! When moving downtown, you should consider how much space you require to live comfortably. A long-term rental is a big decision, and amid the ongoing pandemic, it is essential to feel peace and comfort in your new home.

How Many Amenities Does Your Downtown Apartment Have?

When searching for a new apartment, an important step is prioritizing which amenities are important to you. Some densely-populated cities may have less space for communal areas such as fitness centers and entertainment rooms. These spaces are attractive additions to any building. If you find appeal in having accessible areas on-site, this can be crucial. At BRiX, we have a fitness center (open by appointment through the pandemic), entertainment room, workspace, terrace, and many more amenities that can fulfill all of your daily needs. We’re also pet-friendly!

Apartments in Montreal: BRiX Has it All!

Whether you’re looking for a prime location, competitive rent, larger square footage, and exceptional amenities – BRiX really does have it all! Learn more by booking your tour today: brixmtl.com!

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