June 24, 2019

New partnership with the Montreal Alouettes is giving BRiX wings!

Everything’s fast in football, and it starts before the season kicks off. Players land in Montreal and quick, they have to find a great place to stay, sometimes with their young families, and concentrate on the game right away!

From BRiX, it’s an easy walk up Bleury street, which turns into Park Avenue, and by the mountain there awaits, the open roof stadium, the uplifting energy of the fans, and a cold beer… Hooray for summer, for breathtaking sunsets over Mount-Royal during the game, and for the spectacular atmosphere of an Alouettes’ game!

On Game Day, all of BRiX rallies up: players on the field, happy Brixters in the bleachers with free tickets in their pockets – others watching in the Sky Lounge or the Cinema and games’ room.

Back at home, all residents benefit from the partnership between BRiX and the Alouettes, as free onsite training sessions are offered by official Alouettes trainers. Indeed, BRiX’s gym is the biggest residential gym in Montreal… so the partnership with the CFL team is a natural one.

Back at home, all Brixters love their gym, yoga studio and sauna. Indeed, it’s the biggest residential gym in Montreal… So imagine their joy at being able to train weekly with Alouettes’ trainers!

GO Als GO!

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