January 15, 2021

5 New Apartment Decor Trends That Will Be Hot This Year

Apartment Decor

Is your apartment decor feeling stale? With all of us staying at home more often than ever before, you may be noticing that your apartment requires some much-needed uplifting such as new lighting which is why some of the Lighting Stores in San Francisco might be your next port of call. Additionally, your couch is showing signs of wear where your body has been firmly planted, the walls may be looking awfully sparse, and you’ve meant to hang some beautiful artwork. Maybe you realize how much your space has started to bore you – so why not spruce it up with something similar to these discount house flags?

The ultimate question is – where do we begin? Luckily, we’ve compiled a list for you of five simple yet effective apartment decor trends that will be popular this year. You may not even have to leave the house. Whether your budget is small or large (and don’t forget to check sites like to see if there are any discounts to be had with well-known retailers like Home Depot), take advantage of these ideas that will bring life back to your space!

Minimalism Is In

This popular trend is for the modern individual! The idea here is less is more. Find what pieces of furniture are essential, and prioritize your space by asking yourself what statement you would like to make. The key to modern minimalism is removing unnecessary junk, which requires serious discipline and consistency! Every few months, glance around your apartment to see if some areas have begun to get cluttered. Remove and simplify where necessary to create a minimalistic space you’ll love.

Mix Scandinavian with Japanese

This decor idea is functional and minimalistic! Large, open, bright spaces with clean lines catch your eye. Natural materials take center stage with the Nordic influence. At the same time, the functionality of the Japanese style creates a comfortable and subdued space. Simplicity is key – working from home will never feel better!

Get Colourful with Your Apartment Decor

For the aesthetically pleasing individual! This trend focuses on the importance of using colour to create an ambiance. Would you prefer a simple and trendy tone with contrasting black and white? Or to add small doses of colour that pop against a neutral base palette? What if you incorporate a muted colour into a large piece of furniture to enhance the space without overdoing it? Also, adding a lot of light creates a bright and rich atmosphere in any room and will enhance the colours already there.

Create a Personality with Your Apartment Decor

This expressive idea is for the creative individual! This could be done in the form of wall art or something similar. Adding movie posters and your favorite dialogues along with some fairy lights or neon lighting (learn more on could help to make the room look more appealing. It encourages you to consider your personal style and steer clear of mainstream trends. Get inspired with interior design pieces from all over the world! Even further, gather ideas from various Pinterest boards and blend them to create your own unique space. Trust your intuition and move things around to create your desired look!

Natural Materials Are Always in Style

A beautiful idea for the nature lover! As we spend less time outside, we’ve been encouraged to bring nature back into our homes. Start with some seashells and plants as small reminders and work up! With the addition of wood, linen, stone, and natural textures with modern elements, we can bring a relaxing and grounded feeling to our space. Incorporate photographs of wildlife, beaches, or mountains if you’re unable to bring real elements since that can be costly. This will refresh any environment that is starting to feel a little too ‘lived-in.’

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