November 29, 2020

Renting a Furnished vs Unfurnished Apartment in Montreal

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Are you shopping for a new apartment in Montreal? You might be wondering if renting a furnished apartment is better than renting an unfurnished apartment. Of course, that depends on your situation but let’s run through the pros and cons of both so you can make an informed decision. No matter what you decide, BRiX has both options!

Furnished Apartments in Montreal

Furnished apartments can range from just the bare necessities like a couch, bed, fridge, stove, and TV to everything you need including cutlery, plates, towels, and sheets. Despite this, you may have to buy items yourself if you have specific preferences. For example, if you prefer silver cutlery and plates, you may have to get them from a silver cutlery store. These special requirements may not be readily available in a furnished apartment. You’ll need to choose an option depending on your situation. Are you looking to make your move easier by not needing to move heavy appliances, or are you moving from a different province or country and need everything once you arrive? No matter which option is better for you, renting a furnished apartment makes a move faster and easier!

However, furnished apartments typically cost a bit more to rent since you get to take advantage of everything it comes with. You don’t get the option to decorate, and you have to be careful not to damage anything since it’s not yours. But often, the pros of renting a furnished apartment outweigh the cons.

Unfurnished Apartments in Montreal

As with furnished apartments, unfurnished apartments have options too. Some unfurnished apartments are genuinely empty, and you’ll need to move everything, including all of your appliances. But other unfurnished apartments (like BRiX) include all appliances, so you’ll only need to bring your bed, couch, tv, desk etc. At BRiX, our unfurnished apartments even have a washer and dryer in every unit!

Furnishing an apartment requires lots of time and money, and moving bulky furniture can be a hassle. But, if you already own furniture or really enjoy decorating, you’ll love renting an unfurnished apartment. You can pick your pieces, hang artwork, and really make the place your own. Plus, if something gets damaged, it’s up to you to decide if you want to fix it since it belongs to you and not the landlord.

Renting an Apartment at BRiX

Whether you’re new to Montreal or you’re just looking for a new apartment to rent, BRiX has you covered! You can choose our fully furnished options or our unfurnished options that include all appliances, even a dishwasher! We even offer furnished suites for your family and friends for short-term stays. Plus, if you’re looking to bring your furniture, you get to take advantage of our dedicated loading dock for moving day! You never have to share an elevator with a sofa unless it’s yours.

And did we mention, we have 20,000 square feet of amenities? That’s right! No matter which apartment you rent at BRiX, you get access to the largest residential gym in the city, complete with a sauna and yoga studio! You can also use our coworking space, cinema and games room, sky lounge, rooftop pool, and so much more! Book your tour today and see the BRiX difference for yourself.

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