March 2, 2021

Modernize Your Montreal Apartment With These 4 Smart Devices

Modernize Your Montreal Apartment

Modernize your Montreal apartment with smart devices! Have you ever thought of updating your apartment with technology instead of furniture? It’s the new way of living! With new technology continually taking over our society, devices are being installed into homes to create a perfect solution to all of our in-home-living needs. If you have a great internet connection thanks to one of these Xfinity internet packages, or a package from a different service provider in your area, then you’ve already got what you need in order to control and operate these devices. We’re betting that you never even thought you would need this tech update until now! While modern buildings are perfect for this sort of technology, older places may first need to consider upgrading their electric service panel in order to cope with the volume of electricity that these new devices may bring. If you have an older home, you may wish to get started now by clicking this link and arranging for a panel upgrade. Once you’re confident that your place will be able to handle everything, read below for your smart device options and the benefits of these devices in your home.

Modernize Your Montreal Apartment with a Smart Lock

Smart locks are an excellent tool for renters to provide a safe and secure environment. Not only do they provide the added security of controlling your locks with your phone, but they also offer an efficient, welcoming home for you. No more looking for your keys! What a relief. Have a guest staying with you? You can unlock your door from your phone and even track when your guest comes and goes. You can receive notifications to your phone with updates on your lock status for added peace of mind. Think you may have forgotten to lock the door when you left this morning? Not anymore with this smart lock technology. You may want to consider a system such as FSB L700 LIGHTACCESS PRO or other systems that suit your individual needs if that was more preferable. Companies may provide two physical keys are included for your landlord and yourself if you lose your phone – because we know how it can be.

Smart Showerheads are a Great Way to Modernize Your Montreal Apartment

Smart showerheads are taking over the smart device market right now! They are environmentally conscious and allow you to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a rainfall shower while controlling the amount of water you use per shower – even per minute! A fantastic tool for the financially conscious individual as well. It can even tell you the maximum temperature your water can reach and will change colour accordingly with its own LED light sensor. You may even set it to your preferred temperature for a perfect shower every time. How can you go back to regular showers after hearing that?

Smart Lights will Modernize Your Montreal Apartment in No Time

Modernize your apartment with smart lights! Create a space of your own by regulating the lighting to the ambiance you prefer. Choose from a variety of colours and hues to customize your home to your desired look. Furthermore, this can all be done remotely! A quick download of the application to your phone and you can sync your lights to your TV, music and games-an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Modernize Your Montreal Apartment with a Smart Home Assistant

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are two examples of popular smart home assistants! The smart home assistant can also be used as a multimedia portal connecting all of your smart devices together with one machine. This is why voice-controlled assistants are common in homes where smart devices are already present. Your virtual assistant can answer your commands with its connection to various tools, music applications, and other devices-an absolute must-have for efficiency. Whether you are using it on its own or in conjunction with smart technology you already own – it is beneficial in any home.

BRiX is Modernized for You

If you’re not handy or you don’t feel like spending extra cash on these smart devices, then BRiX has the answer! Our building is designed to be smart, safe, and secure! Each apartment comes fully equipped with smart temperature controls, energy-efficient LED lights and motion detectors. We even have underground e-car parking charging stations. We also have a presence at the lobby front desk, video surveillance cameras, and magnetic fob key access for apartments and all common spaces. So you and your guests can feel safe at all times. Of course, you can also install your smart device in any BRiX apartment! It’s a perfect match. Schedule a showing or book a tour by visiting our website at!

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