June 26, 2020

Shared Spaces at BRiX Foster a Sense of Community – Here’s How

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When you’re looking for apartments to rent, you’re not just looking for a house you’re looking for a place to call home. At BRiX MTL, our mission is to create a place that inspires and uplifts our tenants. A place where they can thrive, grow, and be inspired! That’s why we designed BRiX with over 20,000 square feet of amenities, including the biggest residential gym in Montreal! Through our shared spaces including our yoga studio, living room, backyard, dog run, sky lounge, workspace, and more we are fostering a sense of community for our tenants – here’s how:

Establish New Friendships

Montreal is a vibrant city filled with opportunities for higher education and great jobs! Many of our tenants who are looking for an apartment to rent in Montreal come from abroad. Whether it’s a different city or a different country, not everyone who comes to BRiX is close to their family or friends. That’s precisely why we wanted our shared spaces to foster a sense of community.

Part of the way we do that is to plan and organize several events that allow everyone to connect with their neighbours. For example, before the pandemic, tenants could take part in shows, talks and workshops. They could head to our games room and cinema for a movie night or use our terrace for a BBQ! Our dog run was the perfect place to host a dog behaviour conference, and our yoga studio is the ideal backdrop for a fitness event!

During the pandemic, we continued to foster a sense of community by hosting virtual game nights and setting up several food delivery programs that kept our tenants connected to local businesses! So if you’re looking to establish new friendships or widen your circle of existing friends renting an apartment at BRiX is the way to do so!

Build a Professional Network

Even before the pandemic, there was a growing trend towards working from home or in coworking spaces. Now we will see that trend continue to grow. Luckily, renting an apartment at BRiX is ideal for working from home! Not only are our units cozy, bright, and contemporary with everything you need included but you can also take advantage of our workspace!

Our conference room is a multi-purpose workspace equipped with a whiteboard, printer, and conference call system with super-fast WiFi! Sure, it’s practical, but our favourite part about our workspace is that it’s the perfect way to meet other young professionals and grow your network! You’ll love being part of the professional community both at BRiX and in Montreal, in general.

Connect with Humans and Animals Alike

Did you know there are 7.9 million cats and 5.9 million dogs in Canada? At BRiX, we believe you should never have to choose between renting an apartment and your pet. We also believe pets are integral to fostering a sense of community as they give people companionship and help them transition into new places easier. It’s also a great way to make friends! Imagine how easy it is to strike up a conversation with someone at our dog run? You can bond over the love of your animals and immediately have something in common. Plus, our enclosed space lined with specialty turf is convenient for both you and your doggy when they need to go!

BRiX Has it All

At BRiX, we’ve put a lot of thought into people looking to rent an apartment in Montreal and what they might need. We decided that no matter where you’re from or who you move in with, it was essential to foster a sense of community amongst all our building residents! So if you’re looking to establish new friendships, build a professional network and connect with people and animals, you’re looking for BRiX! Book your virtual tour now and see our incredible amenities and common areas for yourself!

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