March 19, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Live in Montreal

Reasons to live in Montreal

Have you been debating a move within Canada but are unsure of a city that meets your checklist? The benefits of living in Montreal are endless, but we have come up with the top 5 reasons to live in Montreal to convince you to call this beautiful city home. Whether you fall in love with the multicultural food options, the charming personality of each neighbourhood, or the excellent quality of life – we are sure that you will find Montreal to be your next go-to live-in destination.

Quality of Life

One of the top reasons to live in Montreal is the quality of life! In fact, Montreal is one of the highest-ranked cities in the world. According to a yearly study by Mercer, Montreal was voted the fourth best city in North America. That’s huge! This study considers essential factors such as the social, economic, socio-cultural, and political environment. It also looks at education, health care, housing, and more. Globally, Montreal was rated the 21st city, which is relatively high compared to all of the world’s cities. If you move to Montreal, you’ll immediately understand why!

Cultural Diversity

If you speak to those currently living in Montreal, they will tell you that one of the top reasons to live in Montreal is multiculturalism! Montreal is one of the most culturally diverse cities globally – with the food to show for it. This vibrant city is known for its variety of high-quality restaurants spanning a multitude of ethnicities. A recent study resulted in Montreal receiving the fifth ranking for best city for expatriates! Safety, job satisfaction, adapting to the local culture, and work-life balance were factors considered in this decision, among others. Montreal’s culture is inclusive and diverse, and it is one of the top 5 reasons to live in this urban city!

Job and Education Opportunities

Did you know that Montreal is ranked North America’s top city for students? For the fourth year in a row! Are you thinking of studying here? No need to think too long! Factors including safety, accessibility for international students, quality of universities, affordability, and expenses, and student population were all considered in this decision – and Montreal has consistently come out on top!

Have you already received your degree and are currently in search of a job? Look no further! If you have a professionally-written resume from ARC Resumes or similar firms to back your skills and work experience, then Montreal, especially Quebeck, could offer you unmatched job opportunities. Quebec held the record of being the province that had created the highest amount of jobs – 19,000 – at the beginning of 2020. Montreal continues to be a job haven for those searching, with some of the top Canadian employers hiring through the pandemic. This could even include job opportunities in niche markets such as Cannabis. If you’re dedicated to such passions, you may be able to not just buy bulk weed canada, but also find yourself a workplace that you’d love to go to every day. In a sense, there could be a great deal of opportunity to avail in a place like Montreal.

Additionally, a top reason to live in Montreal is that the city has a great sense of community for entrepreneurs. Local meetups and events are typical and are still being held virtually during the pandemic. Have your own startup company? Montreal may be the best place for you. And if you’re worried about carrying out the move successfully, that won’t be a problem either – no matter how far away you’re moving from. Especially if you’re already living in the USA, companies like Atlanta Home Movers ( make it much easier for long distance moves. Which means, you can focus on your education or career opportunities while they take care of logistics.

Charming Neighborhoods

Eager to find a neighbourhood that fits your lifestyle? One of the top reasons to live in Montreal is its many boroughs (19 to be exact). These areas are divided further into smaller communities that are as unique as those living in them. All communities are as culturally diverse as the city, surrounding themselves with world-class restaurant options and beautiful landmarks. Whether you decide to move to Le Plateau with its bustling youthful energy or Old Montreal – Montreal is easy to navigate and explore at your own pace!

Events and Festivals

Although we are continuing to navigate the ongoing pandemic and festivals and large-scale events have been postponed, if you are looking to live in Montreal long-term – you really should consider this! Montreal is one of the hotspots for festivals and celebrations, regularly housing over 380 festivals annually. No matter the season, Montreal always finds a way to celebrate life! The Montreal World Film Festival and the Food Truck Festival are just two of the many exciting events that are held here yearly. Something to look forward to when quarantine is lifted!

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